Modern Future-Ready Educational Options

A large part of why our youth don’t like school is because they do not find it applicable to daily life. Nor do they feel it teaches skills that will actually gain them a job or career. The second-largest issue is, they think it is annoying. Let’s be honest school is boring. High School and Middle School teach you the same stuff. Couldn’t they be consolidated? Plus, the lack of technological integration is terrible, given that we live in an age where we do everything on our phones or computers.

All your life, you have been told that the younger you are, the faster you learn. So why don’t we consolidate schooling? That way, by the time children graduate, they will be able to get that job in some new and advance field. For instance, if things like coding, engineering, contracting, and nursing are highly in demand, how come students do not complete High School ready to enter the job market. We must consider this since the automation of things is quickly killing basic anybody jobs like retail, call centers, factory work, and trucking.

My proposal is we work to create alternative education systems to foster the more rapid development of workforce skills. Thus, both helping to reduce youth & adolescent unemployment and bolster the workforce in our community, therefore bring in more revenue into our neighborhoods and households. A significant additional benefit is this will encourage more businesses to open in Rochester.


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