Lower Electric Costs and Internet Costs

  • Save us money on Energy and move toward self-sufficiency and sustainability.

    • Prevent RG&E overcharging and raising costs.

    • Increase 'renewables' investments and move up our 100% renewable time frame to 2027

    • Start municipal electric company to lower electric costs and modernizes our aging, unstable electric grid.

      Low Cost and Reliable Electricity Encourages Business Development and Growth

  • Update Communication

    • Low-Cost City-Wide True High-Speed Internet. Using and connecting the county's and city's dark fiber network resources to save money and deliver the speed and consistency our citizens need.

    • Deliver speed of up 5 Gbit to all our citizens.

      Low Cost Internet Encourages Increased Education Capability, Business Development and Growth


Violence and Illegal Gun Reductions


Modern Future-Ready Educational Options