Police Recruitment and Accountability & Relationships

Police Relations

Police response time is on average above 20 minutes. This is unacceptable and needs improvement. Interaction with the community is low.

One solution is to use some of the vacant lots to create small local response/community communication outposts.

CALLED:  Police BLOCS (Basic Local Officer Community Stations)

  • Small one-two man office ideally using a portable office trailer like on construction sights

  • A walk-in center to report crimes or concerns.

  • Officers can respond to nearby crime

The idea here would be to create BLOCS that have a very small footprint but can have a large impact.Plus they would be compact and not cost a lot to build out. Another benefit would be as a resource to deter crime and increase community communication and satisfaction.  Based on the idea of Japanese Kōban which are small neighborhood police stations.  

Police Recruitment and Accountability

Thing to reassess

  • Hiring practices

    • Outside Assessment of hiring practices and reassessment of the way in which people are hired/chosen.

    • Great recruitment encouragement from local neighborhood areas

  • Civilian Review board

    • Outside Civilians oversight for police force and discrimination complaints.

      • This should be made up of Civilians, lawyers and a few former/retired police (as consultants)

      • Better Laws specifically for focused on curbing police abuses


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