Childcare for Everyone

Is childcare important to you?

Isn't it about time that parents who work and those who are attending school can do so unencumbered by this stress of finding adequate childcare?

As a business owner myself, I previously ran into too many instances when an employee was having issues with childcare services. Some of these were not being able to find affordable childcare, not being able to find a childcare professional that is caring and treats the children well, having issues with childcare providers being able to facilitate the hours that were previously agreed to and many other problems.

These types of things impact our economy as well as our poverty rate. It's challenging to pull yourself up when you're always worried about paying more than half your check just for childcare.  It's about time that changed.

I propose that we create a citywide daycare program. Focusing on those who are working or attending school. Such a plan will allow us to increase employment in our city as well as pull more people out of poverty, thus enriching our city.

Another significant impact of this will be the ability to teach young children civility, manners, and structure. Thus, preparing them for schooling as well as the workplace.

A program like this will provide our city more ability to create jobs in our community as well as encourage more business development. Because when businesses know that they do not have to worry about employees and childcare reliability, they are more likely to invest and hire from our community.

We can create such a program in many ways, and we will have to see which is the most cost-effective. (Note: Presently there are multiple options for financing such a plan including federal and state money amongst other resources. But again, first, we must do a cost analysis)

Here are two good options to investigate first.

One Option: Create a network of Current childcare providers and set specific standards that they would be required to meet, so they fit with the proposed program. We can also use this network to create a failsafe if one provider is unable to facilitate a child on a specific day; another provider will be able to pick up the slack. That would save both parents and employers time and energy. It also provides Peace of Mind and security. 

Two Option: Our city owns a lot of property, some of which lying dormant that can be utilized and retrofitted for childcare facilities. Additionally, we can create some low impact, cost-effective facilities if necessary. Any providers hired to watch children would have to go through specific pieces of training and guidelines to make sure that they can meet the high standards that we as a city and parents have for the quality of care. Additionally, this would be open for any current daycare providers with their facilities to help augment the system as long as they meet the criteria. It would also enable the city to create more jobs for people to become daycare providers as independent contractors. Thus, fostering the Entrepreneurial spirit and the American dream.



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