Childcare for Everyone

Is childcare important to you?

Let's Improve:

Access to Childcare

Reduce Cost 

Childcare Transportation

Access for 2nd and 3rd(graveyard) shift Childcare


The Focus:

Working Parents or Those Attending School

Providing Peace of Mind and Security 


The Business Benefit:

A better, more stable, and reliable childcare network would lessen the burden on employers and encourage them to hire more parents.

 Childcare Effects:

Childcare impacts our economy as well as our poverty rate. It's a challenge for far too many. It's about time that changed.


The Solution:

Create a City Childcare Network


The Individual Benefit:

More Shift Availability

More Care Options

A Fallback Network of Support


The City-Wide Benefit:

Increased Employment

Increased Revenue/ Decreased Poverty

Structure for the Children (Decreased Juvenile Delinquency)

Creation of Jobs

 How to Start:

One Option: Create a network of Current childcare providers and set specific standards that are required to participate in the program.


 This network creates a fallback system. If one provider is unable to facilitate a child on a specific day; another provider will be able to pick up the slack. 

Two Option: Our city owns a lot of property which is lying dormant that can be useful and retrofitted for childcare facilities, if necessary. Providers would go through specific training and guidelines to make sure they meet the high standards that parents have for care. The program would be open for any current daycare providers with their own facilities as long as they meet the criteria. It would also enable the city to create more jobs by allowing people, as independent contractors, to become daycare providers. 


(Note: Multiple options for financing such a plan including federal and state money amongst other resources. But again, first, we must do a cost analysis)



Road Infrastructure and Potholes