City Funded Free Job Website

Isn't finding a job more difficult than it should be?

If you're an employer or a business owner isn't posting expensive?

Here's my solution:

A Free city-funded job website.

The Benefits:

It Saves Money & Time


Increased Rate of Highering

Increased Employment

Decreased Time to Find Employment

Decreased Criminal Activity

It will include Special Focused Categories 

For People That commonly have difficulty gaining employment

Recent Graduates because of Limited Experience 

People With Misdeomenors

Or Felonies

 And People with Disabilities

It Saves Us Money, Creates Jobs, and Increases City Revenue.

The Goal: Simplicity 

Making it inexpensive to create and sustain.

The Best Part: More people will be hired from within Our City, in turn increasing financial stability in Our City.  

Extra Benefit:

The ease of use and access would encourage more businesses to form in Our City, knowing they can reach more potential hires easily. 


Modern Future-Ready Educational Options


Sustainable Housing/Rent & Housing Stability