City Funded Free Job Website

Isn't finding a job more difficult than it should be?

If you're an employer or a business owner isn't posting jobs expensive?

Here's my solution

A city-funded job website.

It will be free for businesses within the city limits to post. Including the immediate surrounding areas. Why? Because if you are a business owner, posting advertisements for positions can become expensive quickly. Posting to a reputable job site like Monster or CareerBuilder can run you about $500 to start up for one slot. Imagine if you needed to hire for multiple positions? Being a small business, most do not have the finances to post for all the jobs that they have available. Also, their minimal funding can be used up without finding a decent candidate.

Not only would this job website make it simpler to find a new position, but it would also encourage businesses to hire from within the city.

Plus, when you go looking for a job, sometimes you must search 3 to 5 different job websites to find the one that you want. Sometimes you miss out on that better job because it is on that 7th or 8th website. So, wouldn't it just make sense to have one cohesive focus site for all the posts in our area? That way, you don't have to go searching through fifty million different websites.

Special Options

Some special categories of people find it hard to located job that will hire them. So, I propose that this website creates some special filter categories as well.

·        Recent graduate

o With regards to a new graduate, it is often difficult to find a job that does not require experience.

·        Petty crime

o Some people with misdemeanors or criminal history for something small often miss out. However, certain places are willing to hire them still.

·        Felony

o While a felony will discount most people from most jobs, there are still some positions that will higher previously convicted felons.

o It is especially difficult for people with a felony to find a job.  They often resort back to criminal activity, sometimes even worse than what they initially did. All because they are unable to find a legitimate job to make a living for themselves and their family.

o Remember, some people that come out of prison must provide for a family that they haven't seen in years. Sometimes with children, they have never met.

·        Disabilities

o It is challenging for people with disabilities to find jobs. However, there are jobs available to them.  They just must be connected with them.

§ So, this section could include other subsections, for instance:

·        Horizontal mobile considerations

·        Blind

·        Deaf

§ And others may be added as well.


These are just a few individual filter categories for consideration.

 There are more possible options.


It Saves Us Money Creates Jobs and Increases City Revenue.

Remember a website of this simplicity would be very inexpensive to create, and maintenance would be extremely minimal, cost-wise. What's nice is that it would allow for more people to be hired from within the city, thereby enabling their finances to more readily be available to spend within the town. Plus, it would allow for more people to pay into the city revenue. An additional bonus would be it's easier for businesses to reach people in the city, so more companies are likely to expand or hire more in the city. Also, this would encourage new business to come because they know it's easier to find employees.






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