The Future is Now! Take Action.

Inspiring everyone to care for our community.

What got us here will, not get us there. 
— Marcus C Williams
Marcus C Williams

Marcus C Williams


The Future is Now!

We have been left unprepared by our elected officials. We have been promised 'change' for years.

Change that never comes. We deserve better.


It's Time For Action Not Words.

We can no longer hope, pray, or wait for change.

We must Make it Happen.


Some Issues facing use:

-Failing Infrastructure

 *Some of the Worst Roads in the Country

 * An Electric Grid as old as Susan B Anthony

 * A Water and Sewage System as old as Fredrick Douglas

-Disaffected Youth Concerned About Their Future

  • Youth Leaving in droves

  • Youth Unable to Find Adequate employment to support themselves

  • Lack of Youth Programs and Activities

-Violence and Crime

  • Gun Violence( illegal Guns), Stabbings and MURDER

  • Drugs

  • Theft

-Lack of City Funds

 *Corporate Welfare, Tax Brakes for Luxury Development

 *Corruption, Budget Mismanagement

 *Lack of Revenue 

-Education/Business Development and Local Business Creation

  • A Failing Corrupted Education System

  • Lack of Local Entrepreneurial Support and Education

  • Lack of Local Business Outreach and Support


The Problem: Continuing to elect the same type of officials that continue to line their pocket, while You and business owners struggle to make ends meet. 

We must do better. 

Marcus C Williams is prepared to Take Action for You and Our Community. 


-We Need Action and Solutions

(Not Promises and Words)

-We Deserve Someone Who will Listen

( Not Just Talk)

-We Need Real Solutions for the Real Situations of Every day

 (Not Rain-checks and Deferments)


Unity + Community=Progress

Non-Partisan, Willing to Collaborate

Grass Roots Candidate, He's Understanding

Not Beholden to the Establishment

*Vote November 5th* 

  Marcus C Williams

*South District City Council*


What is Marcus about?


Marcus C. Williams

Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Leadership Development Coach

A strong advocate for forward-thinking and advancement Marcus has been a champion for sustainable development and sustainable government spending.

Preparing for climate change and cultivating youth leadership is integral for retaining and bolstering our City's tax base. At the same time, encouraging the youth to stay and develop our home will drive entrepreneurship, local business development, and community homeownership.

A strong proponent of preventing gun violence, Marcus has proposed many initiatives to get illegal guns off the streets.

Growing up in the PLEX (South Plymouth Area) and 19th Ward, has given him first-hand knowledge of many of the issues affecting the South District.

The upcoming young leader is just what our City needs in a time, which is like none we have ever experienced. A fresh voice for the people, he cares about our City. Marcus is ready to do what is necessary to move us toward the brighter future our City deserves. "Right Leader for the Right Time, So We Won't Be Left Behind."

Vote November 5th

Marcus C. Williams

South District City Council.

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